Unit 2 Career Readiness
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unethical, or both? Do you think the fair use doctrine would apply in this
4. Professional marketing communication regularly involves persuasive
messages. Advertisements that claim weight loss overnight or white
teeth in four hours attempt to persuade the audience to purchase a
product. How do these communication messages impact society?
Does the advertiser’s point of view sway the audience? What social
responsibilities does marketing have to society? Write several
paragraphs discussing your opinion.
5. When shopping online, you may notice that with each new site you
browse, you see advertisements for previous sites and products that
you have searched. This is due to the presence of cookies on your
computer. Marketers use this information for selling purposes. That
is why you are likely to see those products appear repeatedly when
shopping online. Is this an ethical practice? Why or why not?
Working with your team, identify and analyze examples of ethical
responsibilities that a professional person in business has to society.
Make a list of applicable rules your team thinks is appropriate for
professional conduct. How can a professional exhibit ethical conduct?
Communication Skills
Reading. Imagery is descriptive language that indicates how
something looks, feels, smells, sounds, or tastes. After you
have read this chapter, find an example of how the author
used imagery to appeal to the five senses. Analyze the
presentation of the material. Why did you think this appealed
to the senses? How did this explanation create imagery? Did
it influence the reader’s mood?
Writing. Generate your own ideas relevant to using
digital technology in the appropriate manner. Use multiple
authoritative print and digital sources and document each.
Write several paragraphs about your findings to demonstrate
your understanding of digital citizenship.
Speaking. Most people in the United States act as
responsible and contributing citizens. How can a person
demonstrate social and ethical responsibility in a digital
society? Can you think of ways that are not discussed in this
chapter? Share your opinions with the class.
and Career
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