Chapter 10 Digital Citizenship
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Online Activities
Complete the following activities, which will help you learn, practice, and
expand your knowledge and skills.
Vocabulary. Practice vocabulary for this chapter using the e-flash
cards, matching activity, and vocabulary game until you are able to
recognize their meanings.
Apply Your Technology Skills. Visit to
download each data file for this chapter. Follow the instructions to complete
an activity to practice what you have learned.
Activity File 10–1
Computer Use at Work
College and Career Readiness Portfolio
Employers and colleges review candidates for various
positions. They are interested in people who impress them
as being professional or serious about a position. Being
involved in academic clubs or professional organizations will
help you make a good impression. You can also learn a lot
that will help you with your studies or your career. While you
are in school, you may belong to clubs. National Honor
Society and Future Business Leaders of America are two
examples. When you are employed, you may belong to
professional organizations related to your career area. The
American Nurses Association is one example. Update your
résumé and online information to reflect your membership in
clubs and organizations. Make sure information about you on
the Internet does not detract from your professional image.
Review information you have posted on social network sites
(Facebook), blogs, wikis, or other sites. Remove any
information that does not give a favorable impression of you.
1. Identify clubs or organizations you can join to help you
learn and build a professional image. Give the name
and a brief description of each one.
2. Save the file in your e-portfolio. Place a copy in the
container for your print portfolio.
and Career
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