Unit 1 Career Exploration
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You need a place to live, food to eat, and medical care when you are
ill. Eventually, you may need enough income to support a family.
Satisfying greater needs usually requires income from a higher-
paying job.
In addition to your needs, you also have wants. A want is an
item you would like to have but do not need to survive. For instance,
while you may need food, you may want a meal at an expensive
restaurant. You may also want a big apartment, stylish clothes, and
fun vacations. You should satisfy your needs before your wants.
Being able to pay for your needs and wants requires earning an
income by working.
Work Infl uences Identity
Look around the community where you live. You may fi nd
many successful people in all types of occupations. Some people
work for others. Some people work for themselves. Some of the
businesses are big, while others are medium-size or small.
The work you choose to do becomes part of your identity. Your
identity is the sum of traits that distinguish you as an individual.
Your identity has two aspects. It is how you see yourself. It also is
how others see you. When you describe yourself, you are talking
about your identity. For instance, you may say that you are a
student, a member of the swim team, or a lifeguard.
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Performing yard work is an example of the desire to earn money from work.
Success in school paves the way for future success in your career.
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