Chapter 1 The World of Work
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As an adult, your job will be an important part of your
identity. Your work will infl uence the way you think of yourself
and the way others see you. It is important to choose work that
will allow you to be proud, to respect yourself, and to develop a
positive identity.
Work Infl uences Lifestyle
How do you spend your time? What
activities do you enjoy? Where do you
live? What is important to you? Your
answers to these questions will help you
describe your lifestyle. A lifestyle is a
way of life as characterized by a person’s
activities, attitudes, possessions, and
manner of living.
The work you choose will affect your
lifestyle. It will affect where you live.
For instance, if you want to be a fl ight
attendant, you should live near an airport.
Your work will also affect the people
you meet and the time you have to spend
with your family and friends. Some jobs
may require working nights and weekends.
Others may involve overtime hours or
out-of-town travel. Some work schedules
are fi xed; they are fi rmly set. Working
hours and days do not change. Other work
schedules are fl exible, with work hours and
workdays changing frequently.
When you go to the store, be sure to bring a
reusable bag. By using reusable bags to carry products
home from the store, consumers can save thousands
of pounds of landfill waste every year. While there are
different schools of thought on this topic, it is generally
accepted that plastic bags take almost 1,000 years to degrade.
Additionally, discarded plastic bags can pose threats to wildlife and the
soil. Did you know that store owners have to purchase the plastic or
paper bags and they pass on the cost to the consumer through higher
product prices?
Go Green
Supri Suharjoto/
The amount of time you have to enjoy leisure
activities will depend on your work schedule.
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