Unit 1 Career Exploration
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When you purchase goods or services from another country, you
are helping the economy of that country. The global marketplace has
increased the way people, businesses, and countries all depend on
one another.
Individuals and businesses in the United States depend on
each other. Both must do their parts to keep the economy healthy.
Businesses put goods into the marketplace and pay workers for their
Enthusiastic workers help keep the economy strong. They help
businesses succeed by providing labor. They also buy goods and
services in the marketplace when they shift from the role of worker
to consumer.
You can do your part to keep the economy strong by taking your
work role seriously. This will include performing your job correctly,
being willing to learn, and having a good attitude. The jobs you will
hold during your life will exist because customers are willing to
purchase goods or services from your employer.
Checkpoint 1.1
1. What is an occupation?
2. How can work provide personal satisfaction?
3. What can you do to help keep the economy strong?
Ethical communication is very important in both
business and personal life. Distorting information
for your own gain is an unethical practice. An ethical
communicator depends on honesty, accuracy, and
truthfulness to guide all communication. Communication
must be presented in an unbiased manner. Facts should be given
without distortion. If the information is an opinion, label it as such. Do
not take credit for ideas that belong to someone else; always credit your
sources. To learn more about ethical communication, search the Internet
for articles that discuss this topic.
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