Chapter 1 The World of Work
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Some examples include helping people in need, enforcing the law,
fi ghting fi res, and cleaning the environment.
Many people judge their success in terms of personal satisfaction
rather than how much money they make. They do not think they
have to become wealthy to be successful. Many successful people
have limited fi nancial resources. They receive their rewards
by helping others. They take pride in their work and in their
Many of the most famous people in history dedicated their lives
to helping society without expecting fi nancial rewards. These people
are regarded as society’s heroes.
Work Keeps the Economy Strong
When people work, they make products and perform services
that others buy. They also earn money that allows them to meet
their needs by purchasing a home, clothes, and food. By making
these purchases, people put their earnings back into the economy.
A country’s economy is its way of producing, distributing, and
consuming goods and services. This process is one big cycle, as
shown in Figure 1-2. The income you earn from working goes back
into the economy when you buy something.
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Figure 1-2. A strong economy depends on the balance between the
production and consumption of goods and services.
Payment of wages
A Balanced Economy
Products and services
Payments for products and services
Businesses Workers
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