Unit 1 Career Exploration
Heavy Vehicle
Equipment Journey
Technician’s Helper
Heavy Vehicle Equipment
What Does a Heavy Vehicle Equipment Technician Do?
A heavy vehicle equipment technician services, inspects, maintains, and repairs vehicles
used in construction, rail transportation, or farming. Heavy vehicle equipment technicians
use hand-held electronic devices to find and correct problems. They replace broken or worn
parts if warranted. These technicians must be able to read and understand complex manuals,
blueprints, or schematics. They use computers to locate information, order parts, and record
the tasks that were completed and the time it took to repair the vehicle.
What Is It Like to Work as a Heavy Vehicle Equipment Technician?
Most heavy vehicle equipment technicians work
indoors in some type of garage or repair facility. Sometimes
the technician must go in the field where the equipment
is located to make the necessary repairs. Heavy vehicle
equipment technicians often work forty hours per week.
It is not unusual for a technician to work evenings and
weekends to complete a repair. Heavy vehicle equipment
technicians play an important role in the workplace by
keeping the equipment needed to get the work done
What Education and Skills Are Needed to Be
a Heavy Vehicle Equipment Technician?
A high school diploma or equivalent is a minimum
requirement. Postsecondary courses in automotive
technology, heavy equipment repair, mathematics,
and computers are helpful in preparing for this career.
Technicians must also have attention to detail, be able
to analyze problems, and like the challenge of meeting
Helpful High School Activities and Prep
Courses for Becoming a Heavy Vehicle
Equipment Technician
courses in automotive technology and English
participation in a student organization for trade and
industrial education students
work experience through a cooperative education program
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