Chapter 1 The World of Work
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The teamwork approach is used in many workplaces.
A Teamwork Approach
Today’s workplace uses a team approach as workers jointly
seek solutions to problems. Employers place high importance on
hiring people who work well with others. When interviewing
individuals for a job opening, employers look for proof that
applicants have teamwork skills.
Family First
A family-friendly program is a structure in the workplace
that helps employees handle the demands of work and family
responsibilities. Men as well as women seek the fl exibility these
programs provide. Caring for young children is the main reason
for the creation of such programs. Other reasons include caring for
elderly parents or sick or disabled family members.
A flexible work arrangement is
one type of family-friendly program.
Flextime is a work schedule that
permits flexibility in work hours.
Companies that offer flextime
generally have a daily core period
when all employees must be at the
work site. This usually consists of
four or five hours in the middle of
the day. Employees then can schedule
their other work hours before or after
the core period, depending on their
Other family-friendly programs that
companies may sponsor include:

on-site childcare;

vouchers or fi nancial assistance for
adult day care or vacation programs
for children;

adoption assistance; and

on-site services, such as dry cleaners,
or employer-sponsored food stores
with ready-to-serve food to take
Employers are also changing their
work policies to make existing programs
more family friendly. For example, many
companies no longer require workers to
take full weeks of vacation time.
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