Unit 1 Career Exploration
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Chapter Summary
Section 1.1 Importance of Careers
Work is putting forth an effort to produce or accomplish something.
People typically work at several occupations during the course of their
People work to earn an income and to gain personal satisfaction. A
person’s work affects his or her identity and lifestyle. The creation of
products and services at work helps keep the economy strong.
Section 1.2 The Changing Workplace
The US workplace is continually changing. Due to technology and
more efficient methods of production, some jobs have been replaced
with other jobs. Globalization, outsourcing, and a shift to more service
industries have affected jobs and the workforce.
Today’s workplace is affected by social changes, the diversity of workers,
and the need for teamwork. More family-friendly programs that help
workers handle the demands of work and family responsibilities are
being offered.
Check Your Career IQ
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Review Your Knowledge
1. What are two examples of a need every person has?
2. What are two ways the work you do and the income you earn can
affect your lifestyle?
3. By what means do people put their earnings back into the economy?
4. What sector of the US economy will be the area for greatest job growth
for the near future?
5. What are demographics?
6. What is the difference between an occupation and a career?
7. What are two reasons why people work?
8. Besides earning money, why do people work?
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