Chapter 1 The World of Work
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9. How can a career influence lifestyle?
10. When an economic slowdown is severe or lasts many years, what is it
On a separate sheet of paper or in a word processing document, match each
of the following terms with the definition that fits best.
11. The things you must have in order to live
12. Putting forth an effort to produce or
accomplish something
13. A work schedule that permits various or
changing work hours
14. The sum of traits that distinguish you as an
15. Being independent or able to get along
without help
16. A financial interconnection among the
countries of the world
17. Nonmaterial assistance for which people are willing to pay
18. Items you would like to have but do not need to survive
19. Series of jobs taken to advance in a chosen field
20. A sequence of work in a career field, from entry to advanced levels
Apply Your Knowledge
1. Describe your desired career, income, and home. Estimate how long
you must work at various careers to afford the lifestyle of your choice.
Assume that 20 percent of your gross pay can be used to pursue your
dream lifestyle, while 80 percent will go toward paying taxes and buying
the basic necessities.
2. Choose three careers that are of interest to you. Estimate what the
yearly salary for an entry-level person for each of the careers. Visit the
Bureau of Labor Statistics website to see the actual salaries. Were your
estimates accurate?
3. Examine the classified section of a newspaper or job search website.
Categorize the listing as jobs or occupations.
4. Make a career ladder that illustrates your personal career plans. The
first rung of the ladder should note what you are doing today to prepare
for your career. The last rung should show where you project you will
be in your career in 10 years.
5. Investigate volunteer opportunities in your community. Report on one
that appeals to you. Identify how the volunteer activity contributes to
preparing individuals for a future job.
A . career
B . career ladder
C . flextime
D . global economy
E . identity
F . needs
G . service
H . self-sufficient
I . wants
J . work
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