Chapter 1 The World of Work
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College and Career Readiness Portfolio
When you apply for a paid or volunteer job or for admission
to a college, you may need to tell others about why you are
qualified for the position. A portfolio is a selection of related
materials that you collect and organize. These materials
show your qualifications, skills, and talents. For example, a
certificate that shows you have completed lifeguard and first-
aid training could help you get a job at a local pool as a
lifeguard. An essay you wrote about protecting native plants
could show that you are serious about ecofriendly efforts
and may help you get a volunteer position at a park. A
transcript of your school grades could help show that you are
qualified for college.
Two types of portfolios are commonly used: print
portfolios and electronic portfolios (e-portfolios). An
e-portfolio is also known as a digital portfolio.
1. Use the Internet to search for “print portfolio” and
“e-portfolio.” Read articles about each type of portfolio.
Create a chart that gives the characteristics of each type.
2. You will be creating a portfolio in this class. Which
portfolio type would you prefer to create? Write a
paragraph describing the type of portfolio you would
prefer and why.
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