Unit 1 Career Exploration
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Work with two classmates to research career information and
present it to the class. Select a career area and present a career
ladder showing how a person can advance from one job to
another. Decide as a team how to divide the work. Prepare a written plan
outlining who will do each task. Find the following facts for each job listed
on the career ladder: the predicted job growth or decline, the anticipated
earnings, the skills and academic preparation needed, and whether a
license or certificate is required. Present the findings to the class using
charts, graphs, or pictures.
Communication Skills
CTE Career Ready Practices. Exceeding expectations
is a way to be successful at school and in your career.
Make a list of five things that you expect of yourself on a
daily basis, such as being on time, completing tasks as
assigned, and being courteous. For each of the things you
expect from yourself, record what you could do to exceed
those expectations. What effect do you think exceeding
expectations has on your success?
Reading. Take a look at how the authors have structured
this chapter. How do the numbered sections of the text relate
to the chapter title? How is the information presented? Why
do you think this chapter is the first in the textbook?
Online Activities
Complete the following activities, which will help you learn, practice, and
expand your knowledge and skills.
Vocabulary. Practice vocabulary for this chapter using the e-flash
cards, matching activity, and vocabulary game until you are able to
recognize their meanings.
Apply Your Technology Skills. Visit www.g-wlearning.com to
download each data file for this chapter. Follow the instructions to complete
an activity to practice what you have learned.
Activity File 1–1
Matching Interest and Careers
and Career
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