Copyright Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. viii Focus on Professionalism Soft Skills for the Workplace will help your students jump-start their career in the competitive work environment of the 21st century. To stand out in the employment crowd and compete for a chosen career, each person entering the workforce must develop essential soft skills. The unique approach to this text presents content in a format that is condensed, to the point, and can be completed in a brief amount of time. The easy-to-read style and meaningful applica- tions introduce behaviors for successful interac- tions with employers, coworkers, and customers. Just the Basics Each chapter introduces basic soft skills that are needed for career success as recommended by employers. The topics covered are some of the most requested essential workplace skills that can help students develop professionalism and suc- ceed in a chosen career. Learning Outcomes At the beginning of each chapter, learning out- comes define the goals that will be accomplished while reading the chapter. Each goal is aligned with the content headings, as well as with the summary at the end of the chapter. The align- ment of learning outcomes provides a logical flow through each page of the content so that students may build on individual knowledge as they prog- ress through the chapters. Before You Read Each chapter begins with an activity to set the stage for the content to come. Through comple- tion of a pretest in chapter 1, an opportunity is provided for students to evaluate their prior knowledge of soft skills. The chapters that fol- low include a video to bring realism and provide a relevant connection with content that has been learned. A posttest at the end of the text will help students evaluate what has been learned on com- pletion of the content.
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