Copyright Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. ix Case Studies Real-world case studies illustrate the importance of mastering soft skills. Each case includes a work- place situation with questions that provide an opportunity to analyze and summarize opinions, while identifying the soft skills that are addressed. Appendices Appendices for punctuation, capitalization, and number usage are included at the end of the text. These appendices highlight grammar mechanics and examples for reference as students complete writing assignments. End-of-Chapter Content End-of-chapter material provides opportunity for review and application of concepts. A concise Summary reiterates the learning outcomes and provides a brief review of the content for student reference. Glossary Terms identifies important soft skills terms covered in the chapter and listed in the end-of-text glossary. Review questions highlight basic concepts presented in the chapter so students can eval- uate understanding of the material. Application activities provide an opportu- nity for self-reflection so students can relate the topics to their personal lives. Internet Activity exercises provide additional research opportunities for greater understand- ing of selected concepts discussed in the chapter. Skills Practice activities provide an opportu- nity for students to engage in hands-on appli- cation of the content to perfect their soft skills. These data files are available for download on the G-W Learning companion website. G-W Learning Companion Website The G-W Learning companion website is a free resource that provides additional study materials in an interactive electronic format. Data files for the soft skills practice activities at the end of each chapter may be downloaded and completed for additional practice. Also included on the website are pretests, posttests, and videos that comple- ment selected chapters. The website is located at
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