37 Copyright Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. May not be reproduced or posted to a publicly accessible website. y accessible website. 37 Lesson 3 Click Ball Learning Objectives After completing this lesson, you will be able to: use game design tools to create a simple game. set background and add objects to enhance a scene. program objects to react to the game rules. Situation The Awesome Game Company wants to create a game for young children to improve a child’s control of the mouse and ability to left-click. First, you must learn the definition of a video game and the associated rules and victory condition. The information in this section discusses these aspects. Before beginning this lesson, go to the student companion website (www.g-wlearning.com), and download the asset files for this lesson. Place the downloaded files in your working folder. Reading Material A video game is a software-based entertainment product that has a game environment, rules, and a victory condition. The thing that separates a video game from all other games is the game environment. The game environment is a setting or world altered or designed to play a specific game activity. For a game like baseball, the game environment is the baseball field. The outdoor space has been altered to have three bases, home plate, a pitcher’s mound, in-bounds areas, and foul areas. None of these things exist in nature. We as humans have changed a piece of land to make this game environment. In a video game, the game environment is a virtual game world. This virtual world is seen through a video screen, thus the video in video game. The really cool part of a virtual world is that anything can happen. Realistic and unrealistic events can occur. It is up to the designer to create the world he or she wants. Inside a video game world are the rules that determine the realistic and unrealistic features. A rule is a constraint that determines what can or cannot happen in the game. Looking at the baseball example, the rules are clear. Inside the game environment of the baseball field, these rules apply: each team fields nine players each team is allotted three outs per inning there are nine innings in a standard game
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