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Chapter 2
Many types of early childhood programs are
available. Each type of program takes a unique
approach to meeting children’s developmental
Programs may be sponsored in a variety of
ways. The type of sponsorship may affect goals and
philosophies. Employers are using a variety of ways
to provide program benefits for their employees.
Families consider many factors in choosing
the best program for their child. As a teacher, you
will need to strive to make your program one that
families choose for their children.
Families may look for programs that have been
licensed by the state and accredited by NAEYC.
Accreditation certifies that a program meets a
specific set of standards. Public recognition of a
high level of excellence is one of the main benefits
of achieving accreditation.
1. In what type of program is child care provided in
a private home with a small number of children?
2. What is Montessori’s theory of education?
3. Give two examples of daily living exercises that
promote independence in Montessori schools.
4. Describe the purpose of Head Start.
5. What is the goal of Head Start’s nutrition
6. Name the basic kindergarten schedules.
7. List five objectives for a kindergarten program.
8. Describe how a check-in service works for
school-age children.
9. _____ are formed and run by parents who
wish to take part in their children’s preschool
10. What is the primary purpose of a laboratory
Recall and Review
11. Publicly sponsored programs are funded
by _____.
12. Describe one way employers can provide child
care assistance for their employees.
13. Explain why teacher-child ratio is important.
14. Why might a high staff turnover be a concern to
15. Why might parents want to select an early care
and education program that was accredited?
16. Write all the terms on a separate sheet of
paper. For each term, quickly write a word
you think relates to the term. In small groups,
exchange papers. Have each person in the
group explain a term on the list. Take turns until
all terms have been explained.
17. Determine. Write an essay outlining the value
of center accreditation.
18. Draw Conclusions. Arrange a visit to a school-
age child care program. Ask to review the
curriculum. Write a report on what you learn.
19. Compare and Contrast. Identify, compare, and
contrast criteria parents use to select the best
child care program for their children, including
financial considerations.
20. Determine. Check the website of your state
department of education to find out your state’s
kindergarten requirements.
21. Identify. Visit a family child care home. Ask the
provider to outline the daily schedule. Identify
instances of predictability that are provided for
22. Identify. Search for licensed and registered
child care programs by state, city, and region.
Create a database of those in your area.
Vocabulary Activity
Critical Thinking
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