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23. Draw Conclusions. Research the National
Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC)
organization. What are the goals of NAFCC?
What eligibility criteria must providers meet?
What is the role of an NAFCC Accreditation
Observer? Why do people like being an NAFCC
Accreditation Observer? Write a summary of
your findings.
24. Identify. Visit the website for Effective Parenting
to find information for parents on selecting child
25. Research and Writing. Research kindergarten
readiness. Some sources contain kindergarten
checklists and other information for parents
concerning their children’s kindergarten
experience. Write a brief article directed to
prospective kindergarten parents about what to
26. Writing. Privately sponsored child care
programs operated by a house of worship
may include religious education as part of the
curriculum. Describe your feelings about this
subject. Should all students enrolled have to
take part in the religious curriculum activities
the program provides? Write a short essay
detailing the advantages and disadvantages of
this type of program.
27. Research and Writing. Using Internet or print
resources, research the biography of Maria
Montessori. Write a one-page report detailing
how Maria Montessori’s early experiences in
medicine led her to define a philosophy of early
childhood education. Discuss her contribution to
the way children are educated today.
28. Research and Speaking. Research the
political platform of Lyndon Johnson and the
part the War on Poverty and Head Start may
have played in his successful election. Has the
United States government been completely
supportive of Head Start since its inception?
Core Skills
What changes have been made to the Head
Start program through the decades, and what is
in store for its future? Present your findings in a
presentation to the class.
29. Speaking. Debate the advantages and
disadvantages of teaching in a parent
30. Writing. Visit the website for the National
Academy of Early Childhood Programs. Review
the 10 NAEYC Program Standards. Write an
article on their importance.
31. Research and Speaking. Search the Internet
for large companies in the United States that
provide some form of employee assistance for
child care. What type of assistance is provided?
What choices do employees have for child
care benefits, if any? What is the percentage
of employees who take advantage of these
benefits? Use presentation software to present
your findings.
32. CTE Career Readiness Practice. Imagine it
is five years in the future and you are starting
your first full-time job. Your goal is to maintain
health and wellness by developing a plan for
handling workplace stress. Investigate and
evaluate the resources on the National Institute
for Occupational Safety and Health link on the
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website.
Then write your plan for preventing job stress.
Portfolio Project
33. Write a short essay on your vision of a
high-quality child care center. Include
characteristics of the program you feel
would best meet the needs of the children
served by the program. These may
include facility, curriculum, child-adult
ratios, teacher qualifications and training,
equipment, and accreditation. (Refer
to Figure 2-11). What would encourage
parents to enroll their children in this
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