Unit 1 Career Exploration
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Income is another factor that infl uences lifestyle. The more
money you make, the more lavish your lifestyle may be. You may be
able to afford a nice house, clothes in the latest fashion, and a new
sports car. If you work too much, however, you may not have time
to enjoy your purchases. How you balance your work and nonwork
hours depends on your lifestyle decisions.
Work Provides Satisfaction
One of the most important reasons for working is to gain
personal satisfaction from doing a job well. Doing a job well helps
build your self-esteem, which gives you confi dence in yourself.
When you have self-esteem, you feel good about yourself. You are
proud of who you are and what you do.
Work provides a feeling of accomplishment. When you complete
a job and do it well, you feel good about it. Others may recognize
excellent work and compliment you for it. That is why you should
always put your best effort into any work you do.
Another kind of satisfaction from work comes from being with
other people. Most types of work allow occasional opportunities to
socialize with others.
Work also provides the satisfaction of feeling useful. You can
feel useful by earning money to support yourself. You can also
feel useful by doing work that you believe is important. Work that
provides a public service can give you a strong sense of usefulness.
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Volunteering to help others is an example of activities that improve your
quality of life.
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