638 CHAPTER C H A P T R 25 2 2 5 5 5 Chapter Outline 25.1 Checking for Proper Installation 25.1.1 Installing an Ice Maker 25.1.2 Checking Electrical Supply 25.1.3 Checking for Proper Ventilation 25.1.4 Starting a Refrigerator 25.2 Diagnosing Symptoms 25.2.1 Diagnosing a No-Start Condition 25.2.2 Diagnosing Poor Performance 25.2.3 Ice on the Evaporator 25.2.4 Moisture and Ice in the Cabinet Insulation 25.2.5 Ice Maker Problems 25.2.6 Unusual Noises 25.2.7 Unusual Cycling Times 25.2.8 System Failure 25.3 Checking External Circuits 25.4 Diagnosing Internal Troubles 25.4.1 Analyzing Temperature-Pressure Conditions 25.4.2 Identifying Common Problems 25.4.3 Diagnosing Specific Component Problems Learning Objectives Information in this chapter will enable you to: Check domestic compression refrigerators for proper installation. Use the proper procedure for starting a domestic refrigerator-freezer. Interpret common symptoms of system malfunction. Use proper procedures to test a domestic refrigerator-freezer’s auxiliary circuits. Explain the use of piercing valves, pinching tools, and valve adapters. Interpret temperature and pressure conditions inside a refrigeration system to determine points of failure. Summarize common symptoms of internal component failure and their possible causes. Installation and Troubleshooting of Domestic Refrigerators and Freezers
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