Copyright Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. iii Preface Soft Skills for the Workplace is an overview of basic behaviors, etiquette, and protocol that a career- minded person needs in order to communicate effectively as a professional. Soft skills are the employability skills that help an individual find a job, perform well in the workplace, and gain success in a job or career. In today’s workplace, employers look for people who have job-specific skills to perform on the job as well as the know-how to interact with coworkers and customers. You may be the most qualified person in your field in terms of hard skills, but if you lack soft skills, you may have a challenge finding and retaining employment. Soft Skills for the Workplace presents the important interpersonal skills requested by today’s employers. Presented in one easy-to-use text, your students will learn the basic soft skills needed for career success. There is no need for multiple references to introduce students to employability skills when using this unique text. Suitable for any class or discipline, each chapter can be used as a supplemental conversation starter or as an independent assignment for students. When the course has concluded, the text can serve as a personal reference for students to use as they develop their careers. The modular format of the content provides flexibility to assign topics in the order that adapts to your curriculum. Fourteen short, concise chapters provide information that prepares students to maximize and refine their talents. A chapter-opening soft skills quiz or video sets the stage for the content that follows. End-of-chapter activities provide opportunities for self-assessment as well as additional practice activities on the G-W Learning companion website. By studying Soft Skills for the Workplace, students will gain understanding of the value of mastering the art of professionalism for their chosen career. Learning how to embrace and apply accepted workplace protocol is a first step toward personal success. Soft skills are the new hard skills for the 21st century. Additional Resources The G-W Learning companion website is a free student resource that provides additional study materials in an interactive electronic format. Data files for the soft skills practice activities at the end of each chapter may be downloaded and completed for additional practice. Also included on the website are pretests, posttests, videos, and vocabulary activities that complement selected chapters. The website is located at G-W’s instructor resources include everything you need to utilize Soft Skills for the Workplace in your classroom. A variety of materials are provided on the Instructor’s Resource CD to help you make the most of information needed to teach each chapter, such as answer keys and instruc- tional strategies. For your convenience, lesson plans and activity solutions are also included.
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